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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BobCat Integrative Consulting visits Emerald City Clinic

Bob Harris and Catriona O'Curry will be joining us at Emerald City Clinic to host seminars July 9th and 10th, July 17th, and July 29th-31st. Check out their website:

What they say about themselves:

As a husband and wife coaching team, we like to work with couples and individuals who are in some form of transition. Using an integrative approach, we facilitate the kinds of changes that allow the true nature of each relationship to emerge.

We challenge and mentor our clients with the integration of the parts of their lives that will bring them closer to their own power, humanity, and joy.

The Seminars:

July 9th-10th: A Weekend Women's Retreat! Empowering Women to Increase Their Integrity, Energy and Joy For Life

July 17th: Integrative Energy Skills Workshop

July 29th-31st: A Weekend Workshop: Integrative Energy Skills for Couples

You may call Emerald City Clinic at 206-781-2206 for further information and pricing!

In Health,

The Emerald City Team

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