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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update on Immunization Regulations

Immunization Legislation: Unfortunately, Christine Gregoire did NOT veto the new immunization legislation that requires you to be "educated" by a physician before you can decline immunizations. We would like to clarify that the new law does NOT require immunizations before entering school it REQUIRES that the parents get a doctor's signature proving that they have had an "educational/informative discussion about their choices." All of the physicians at Emerald City Clinic are supportive of parental decisions and would be happy to participate in filling out these forms. If you have had discussions with us previously about immunizations please just submit your forms for us to complete. There will be a nominal administrative fee to document that discussion. If you have not had a discussion about immunization choices please schedule with your physician at Emerald City Clinic.

Once again, speaking for all the physicians at Emerald City Clinic, we encourage all parents to make informed decisions and will support these decisions. Who better to educate parents on options about immunizations than a Naturopathic physician? Please let your friends and family know that we are happy to provide a balanced discussion about immunizations, which may not be available from their medical doctors.

In addition, in lieu of immunizations, historically communities would have "chicken pox parties." Emerald City Clinic is collecting names of clients that would like their children exposed and willing families with current chicken pox to host "play dates". Please call us at 206-781-2206 in either case and we will keep a running list. We will want your phone numbers and email if appropriate. Thanks.

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