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Monday, March 14, 2011

Radiation Exposure from Japan

Please take precautionary protection of yourselves. The most important thing is getting iodine in a whole foods source. My favorite is kelp tablets, kelp tincture, nori, etc. The doses should be 10 kelp tablets/day, a 5 x 5 sheet of nori or equivalent, or 2 dropperfuls of kelp in tincture form 3x/day. We have kelp tincture (we do not have kelp tablets) at the office as well as many forms of iodine. If you do not have access or do not like seaweed then you can take iodine. It is safe in doses of 12.5 mcg/day without upsetting other things in your metabolism. We should be taking Epsom salts baths daily as it absorbs radiation. This is also true after taking a plane flight. Protect your liver with organic dark foliage. Water and electrolytes are essential. Most importantly we need to pray for the health of human kind and our planet. You do not need an appointment for these products; we can supply the kelp tincture, and iodine if you need them. This is the same protocol I recommended with the Chernobyl incident. Respectfully and lovingly written by Dr. Molly Linton.

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