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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


For those not in the Seattle area we are in a winter storm. It is quiet and beautiful (if you do not have to go anywhere). I love the winter as I think it promotes introspection and I really want to say that I feel better at the end of each day in my clinic and I am truly thankful for everyone who makes my life more joyous each day........ To each client, staff, family member and stranger with a smile that I meet I give gratitude. Over the weekend a colleague of mine, Louise Edwards, said she thinks that "Grateful" is spelled wrong. That it should be spelled Great Full. That we are greatly full. I felt that was worth sharing. Enjoy family, food, warmth and hugs over the holidays.

Emerald City Clinic is also here for anyone that finds this time of year difficult. We are members of your extended family and if you need us please let us know.

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