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Thursday, September 2, 2010



For the last 18 years, Contegrity has offered pathways to individuals and companies for developing powerful ways of approaching life and work.

The Contegrity Approach integrates what is inspiring with what is practical. It is a way to approach life that has the circumstances of your life become the playing field for developing your power at a satisfying pace. It is an approach that calls on you to understand your unique fit with life and to live consistently with that fit. It is an approach that calls on you to discern what is fundamental and important and that empowers you to do so.

Consider these truths:

· Life has its ups and downs.

· What will happen next is uncertain.

· Much of what happens is out of your control.

· What others say and do affects you.

Regarding all of that, you have little or no say. But you can have a say about your approach to life; and you can approach life in a way that generates certainty, power, and freedom.

You are invited to attend a two day workshop to introduce you to the Contegrity Approach. During these two days, we will consider:

· An alternative to the prevailing culture that calls on us for more and more and more (money, energy, relations, etc.) but never calls on us to consider what is sufficient and sustainable.

· Getting free from the suppression of “shoulds” and comparisons with others

· Discerning what to take on next that is the right fit for you so that you can enjoy both power and peace in your life

Please join us for this powerful workshop. The tuition is $300 ($450 per couple), payable by cash, check, or most major credit cards. We will meet on Saturday and Sunday, October 2nd and 3rd from 10 AM to 6 PM. The program will be easily accessible just east of Seattle, Washington off Interstate 90.

If you have any questions, or to register, please contact Jane-Ellen Seymour locally (North Bend, Washington) at (425) 888-3806 or 941-2499 or or us directly at or call our office at (972) 387-9090. We look forward to being with you in our upcoming workshops.

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