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Monday, September 13, 2010

Endocrine Disruption Prevention Act

We'd love for you, as our loyal naturopathic followers, to take action in legislation! Read the following article and follow the link to write to congress about the importance of testing our environment for potentially harmful substances. Thank you!

Congress Returns

Follow this link: Take Action!

Endocrine Disruption Prevention Act

Congress reconvenes September 13, and is scheduled to recess on October 8 for the final campaign push. The amount of work left to be accomplished in this narrow time frame is enormous. And yet, Members of Congress are anxious to please their constituency, which poses opportunity when you have a simple and clearly stated “ask” of them. The Endocrine Disruption Prevention Act provides us with such an opportunity.

The Endocrine Disruption Prevention Act (S 2828 and HR 4190) would authorize the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to conduct endocrine disruption research in order to develop assays that will identify endocrine disrupting chemicals and determine their safety. The program will rely on a panel of scientific experts, free of conflict of interest, to evaluate the findings and determine the level of concern. This information will be passed on to regulatory agencies (EPA, FDA, CPSC, OSHA, and the Dept. of Agriculture) who must propose a course of action in response to the findings.

Should this bill become law, the following protocols would be created for the purpose of developing reliable and reproducible methods to identify chemicals that can disrupt the human endocrine system.

* address the full range of possible health outcomes (including reproductive, behavioral, intellectual, metabolic, and endocrine disorders);
* be sensitive enough to detect effects at exposure levels relevant to human exposure (and not rely on the assumption that a lower dose produces less effect);
* consider the effects of exposure to multiple chemicals

Please write your Senators and Congressman today and ask them to cosponsor this legislation.

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