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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Pharmacy Sale

We have some tremendous sales going on right now because we have a backlog of pharmacy items that are expiring or have expired. They are expiring because of my (Dr. Molly Niedermeyer's) medical leave. The pharmacy is not used as much when I am not working. So these wonderful products are outdated but still effective and we are selling them for 50% off (below cost). I would like to see them used and recap some of my pharmacy costs. The other part of the deal is I am willing to answer your questions and give you dosage for each of these items without additional charges if you purchase by the end of July....

There are some categories that I want to address first:

Cholesterol Reduction: We have multiple approaches to safe reduction of cholesterols with products running from $13 - $20 for a month's supply. They are Alli cinn (garlic and cinnamon) $13, Gugulplex (East Indian herb) $18.25, Cholesterol Support (multifactorial approach) $15, Cholestame (also multi factorial support)$20

Pain X: Great product for acute musculoskeletal pain relief for only $16

Mood and Sleep: Need a little mood lifter we have multiple products that work quickly ranging from Li-zyme (lithium dose) $5.50, Mood Food (multi factorial approach) $15, Balance D (multifactorial approach) $17, Ceralin Forte (multifactorial approach) $25.75

Urinary Incontinence: Great herbal approach called Flow-less $12.60, especially for nocturia both for mature men and menopausal women

Musculoskeletal issues: Thorne research Glucosamine for $14.50

Digestion: RF Plus (Robert's Formula for irritable bowel) $9

Immune support: Phytocort (adrenal support with chinese mushrooms) $20, Beta glucan (support of the white blood cells/general immune) $15, Cat's Claw (powerful south american herb for inflammation and immune) $13.25 All these things can be taken long term to support immune system.

Detox products: Thorne's Basic Detox Vitamins (amazing nutritional support) $33.75, Metagenics Advaclear (support phase 2 detox of the liver) $37.50 these are the 50% off prices of amazing supplements. These products are a two month supply.

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Niedermeyer at We can mail you these things for a small S/H fee or free with over $150 purchase.

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