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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reminders From ECN

1. Remember that deductible that you just met last month? Now's the time to take full advantage of insurance reimbursement! Give us a call to schedule a check up with your ECN physician, and be sure to stop by and stock up on supplements that are reimbursed by your HSA or FSA plans! Your doc at ECN will be happy to write you a letter stating the medical necessity necessary for reimbursement of vitamins.

2. Do you have a diagnosed cardiovascular condition, or do you suspect one? Are you worried about your memory? Studies have been shown to link cardiovascular disease to cognitive function. Ease your mind and sign up for the cognitive test we offer here at ECN. For $100.00 you can have baseline results that can then be compared to similar tests that you have in the future-- a great way to observe your cognitive trends.

3. If you don't live in the neighborhood, you probably haven't heard about the major updates the city is doing for NW 85th street! Although we can't wait for the improved road conditions, the next few months are going to be interesting. Be sure to provide yourself with a bit more time to make it to your appointment, as there may be construction delays and detours. Remember that you may always approach our back parking lot from 14th St, and avoid 85th St altogether. Visit for detailed information and timelines.

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