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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Visceral Manipulation Study


I have started a Visceral Manipulation Class with a Wonderful teacher - Marty Ryan.

Marty is a well known international visceral teacher and lives here in Seattle. He is conducting a year long case study on Dysmennorhea and Acid Reflux. He is taking a limited number of patients for his case study to show that he can treat most cases within 3 sessions of visceral work. If you are intersted in being a patient for this, his rate is $75/session (normal rate is $90) and you have to commit to doing 3 sessions in a row (1 session every week). It is ok if you are being medicated for your condition.

Feel free to contact Marty with any questions if you have an interest, just tell Marty you heard about the study through Emerald City Clinic. You can contact him via email at:



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