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Thursday, December 2, 2010

New York Times Vitamin D Article

Please do not stop your accurately prescribed vitamin D if you have heard or read the new studies saying vitamin D may be harmful. The concerns is that vitamin D might be the cause of kidney stones, osteoporosis, etc. The problem with this study is the lack of Naturopathic physicians advising people how to properly take all their nutrients in a whole picture. Most Americans are dehydrated and therefore will precipitate out kidney stones if they eat high levels of cow's milk dairy, high vitamin D and no water. They will not make proper bone matrix if there vitamin D is not balanced with other nutrients such as vitamin K which is found not only in dark green leafy vegetables but is also formed in a health digestive tract. There are hundreds of studies, literally, that demonstrate the value of vitamin D. Most of you have experienced the health benefits. Please follow the guidelines set out by your physician at Emerald City Clinic and rest assured we are guardians of your health.

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